Confiance Cosmetic Group is a trusted and dedicated regulatory and quality partner for developing cosmetic, dietary supplement, and medical device products. Whether you're embarking on a new product journey or enhancing an existing one, we provide invaluable expertise and support in the United States, the European Union, and across the globe. We offer support and consultancy services for cosmetics, medical devices, and dietary supplements.

Your brand’s compliance partner

Confiance Cosmetic Group provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process of bringing a product to market. This includes assistance with new product development, label design, product notification, as well as thorough auditing and due diligence. Rest assured, we have all your needs covered.

New Product Development

  • Formula Compliance Check & Raw Material Validation (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and member states, Australia, ASEAN countries, and more!)

  • US OTC Product Development advisement and support from a regulatory and quality perspective

  • Supplier Qualification Auditing global services to support your global CMO network

  • Regulatory planning and claims development

  • Determination of regulatory status for intended market of sale

  • Safety testing services and advisement, as well as claims testing advisement

  • Supplier relationship and development

  • Product packaging compliance and validation (RoHS, REACH, California Proposition 65, and more!)

Marketing & Advertising

  • Assistance with creation and validation of compliant content for label, e-commerce, retailer, and other advertising material

  • Development and Implementation of product “clean” lists

  • Advise and train influencer marketing teams as it relates to US FTC Endorsement Guidelines and best practices

  • Training and seminars for marketers and sales teams to support compliant communication alignment regarding regulated products, such as OTC, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and more!

Market Entry

  • Creation of Product Information File (PIF) for EU and UK

  • Responsible Person services and support for UK and EU

  • Services and support for authoring Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment

  • Product Notification preparation of applications

  • Health Canada Product Notification

Auditing Services

Confiance Cosmetic Group can provide comprehensive support in conducting follow-up audits of your suppliers and evaluating the implementation of your Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) plans. With our assistance, you can effectively assess the performance and adherence of your suppliers to ensure the successful execution of your CAPA initiatives.

We offer valuable insights and guidance to help you monitor and enhance the effectiveness of your supplier management processes, thereby promoting overall quality and compliance within your organization.

We work with global partners to support your auditing, no matter where it is in the world. We have certified auditors with accreditations for ASQ, NSF, ISO, and more!

With extensive OTC experience, we can help guide you through the quality development and planning stage through on-market compliance. We have worked with CMOs for their qualification of the manufacturing equipment and sanitation protocols, as well as work with independent labs for stability validation studies.

M&A Due Diligence

Whether you are looking to sell or buy, we can support you with the compliance of the product portfolio, a crucial factor in the valuation of an asset.

Thorough regulatory due diligence and an extensive acquisition audit are essential when identifying and evaluating your target's regulatory compliance and potential. It is crucial to thoroughly examine and assess your target’s regulatory landscape, ensuring that all necessary regulations and requirements are met. This diligent approach will provide valuable insights and help mitigate potential risks and liabilities associated with regulatory non-compliance.

By conducting a comprehensive regulatory due diligence and acquisition audit, you can gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory environment in which your target operates, enabling you to make informed decisions and strategic moves that align with regulatory requirements and best practices.

Our expertise and experience enables us to identify departures from regulations and can help correct those departures with solutions.


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